Garden Timber Decking

Garden Timbre DeckingWe supply and install both hardwood and softwood decking, to suit your needs. Both types of decking are very durable and have a longevity of up to fifteen years if well maintained. Both types are available with a grooved or smooth surface and in a multitude of plank lengths to suit the size of your deck. Both types are screwed down to a 4x2 or 6x2 pressure treated softwood framework construction underneath, which is concreted securely into the ground. Both types can be supplied with low voltage or led lighting ,and are installed and certified by qualified electricians. See an example »

Garden Turf

Garden TurfWe supply and lay two types of garden turf. Top grade Rowlan Medallion turf for the ultimate lawn,and the Turf Centre utility lawn. The first is the best grade turf which has a fine deep green thatch and needs regular care and feeding to maintain its health;the second has a lush thick thatch more suited for kids as it is more hard wearing. Both types need the same amount of ground preparation,mechanical rotorvating followed by stone removal and finally levelling by rake and granular fertilizing. See an example »

Garden Paving

Garden PavingA wide range of garden paving is available through our suppliers, Indian Sandstone, Marshalls and Bradstone are the main products we choose from and all can be viewed ,and samples obtained on request.laying patterns can be supplied for your job at no additional charge. All garden paving is laid on sand and cement ,with a weed proof membrane underneath on a sub base of 100mm type1 (scalping's) compacted with a wacker plate to give a solid base to lay the paving on. See an example »

Garden Water Features

Garden water featureWe install many small garden ornamental water features to large ponds, all are are bespoke and cater for different needs. Most small features require a water sump, usually a large black tub of water. A pump which pumps the water up through the feature, connected to a power supply; and in the case of ponds a water filter to clean and oxygenate the water. Viewing water features and advice can be organised upon request. See an example »